Critics’ Reviews


“Once you download it you’ll say to yourself, ‘Of course! This app is brilliant!’”

— Crave Online

“First of all, consider all the useless crap you spend a few bucks on. Secondly, don’t underestimate how entertaining this app actually is. You will laugh. A lot.”

— Guyism

“Shatoetry combines the addictive nature of magnet poetry with the convenience of a smart phone app… Playing alone is fun, but it could be a really cool party game, too. All of these qualities make the app well worth the price to download.”

— Nerdist

“Really killer (and hilariously self-aware).”

— Gizmodo

“Simple to use and often hilarious… with great production value.”

— Appolicious/Yahoo

“Completely unique app… effortless to create… interesting and enjoyable”

— Apple’N'Apps

“Shatoetry boldly goes where no app has gone before.”

— IGN & Mashable

“The app has a lot of potential for fun and hilarity, and will be a source of constant amusement to the users.”

— The Canadian

“A unique app, which is not only fun but also creative to use.”

— French Tribune

“It will keep you amused and connected with your friends… I can definitely see the social potential for an app like this. If groups of friends — writers or musicians, especially — get together and try to out-write one another, it could make for some creative sessions. I’m sure as well that someone somewhere will come up with a drinking game around Shatoetry before too much time passes.”

— MacNewsWorld

“Can’t stop laughing.”

— bOing bOing

“Way too fun.”

— Geekazine


— OhGizmo!

“An outrageous new iPhone app.”

— Kotaku


— Wired

“This app is ingenious…Shatoetry is fun to play with.”

— Cult of Mac

“It’s like Magnetic Poetry, but with words recorded by Captain Kirk.”


“A really fun app to play around with… Anyone who has played with magnetic poetry will find this very intuitive.”

— Geek News Central

User Reviews

“This is the most genius idea for a mobile app I have ever seen.”

— mlcarter815

“While it seems simple, the amount of entertainment this provides is simply incredible! Well worth the investment!”

— Josh Elliott

“Laughing hysterically. I LOVE THIS APP!!!”

— Jim Renschen

“This is the Single greatest App I own! I haven’t had this much fun since I can’t remember! Love it!”

— Charles Arrington

“Had a ball with this today. It’s genius.”

— Chris Fein

“I can’t put it down and my sides hurt from laughing so hard.”

— ruffwork

“William Shatner?!?! Talking to ME?!?! What is this: THE FUTURE?!?!?!”

— SpillyB

“This is the pinnacle of 21st century technology.”

— Mack1970

“Sharing strange messages from WS with people is a surprising amount of fun; totally worth it.”

— CTS-1978

“I LOVE IT! And the Shaterpretations or 3 sizes of words is brilliant! Thank you! I’m very pleased that you shared this.”

— Brian Judson

“Like if Jack Kerouac was a Buddhist absurdist comic. So entertaining. Makes you examine the most mundane materials of life.”

— GLEsq

“Thank you so much for making such a great app and making my life more interesting and fun.”

— Scott Daly

“Best piece of app-eratus ever. Thank you Mr Shatner.”

— Kate Deans

“This is the best thing that has ever happened. Literally the sum of all humanity has achieved. Think about it.”

— Flip the Pony

“This is the best couple bucks I had my buddy spend in a long time.”

— gregster