Critics’ Reviews

“Simple to use and often hilarious… with great production value.”

— Appolicious/Yahoo

“A really fun app to play around with… Anyone who has played with magnetic poetry will find this very intuitive.”

— Geek News Central

“It’s like Magnetic Poetry, but with words recorded by Captain Kirk.”


“It will keep you amused and connected with your friends… I can definitely see the social potential for an app like this. If groups of friends — writers or musicians, especially — get together and try to out-write one another, it could make for some creative sessions. I’m sure as well that someone somewhere will come up with a drinking game around Shatoetry before too much time passes.”

— MacNewsWorld

“A unique app, which is not only fun but also creative to use.”

— French Tribune

“Shatoetry boldly goes where no app has gone before.”

— IGN & Mashable

“Completely unique app… effortless to create… interesting and enjoyable”

— Apple’N’Apps

“First of all, consider all the useless crap you spend a few bucks on. Secondly, don’t underestimate how entertaining this app actually is. You will laugh. A lot.”

— Guyism

“Once you download it you’ll say to yourself, ‘Of course! This app is brilliant!'”

— Crave Online

“This app is ingenious…Shatoetry is fun to play with.”

— Cult of Mac

“Shatoetry combines the addictive nature of magnet poetry with the convenience of a smart phone app… Playing alone is fun, but it could be a really cool party game, too. All of these qualities make the app well worth the price to download.”

— Nerdist

“Really killer (and hilariously self-aware).”

— Gizmodo

“The app has a lot of potential for fun and hilarity, and will be a source of constant amusement to the users.”

— The Canadian

“Can’t stop laughing.”

— bOing bOing

“Way too fun.”

— Geekazine


— OhGizmo!

“An outrageous new iPhone app.”

— Kotaku


— Wired

User Reviews

“This is the Single greatest App I own! I haven’t had this much fun since I can’t remember! Love it!”

— Charles Arrington

“William Shatner?!?! Talking to ME?!?! What is this: THE FUTURE?!?!?!”

— SpillyB

“Sharing strange messages from WS with people is a surprising amount of fun; totally worth it.”

— CTS-1978

“I LOVE IT! And the Shaterpretations or 3 sizes of words is brilliant! Thank you! I’m very pleased that you shared this.”

— Brian Judson

“Like if Jack Kerouac was a Buddhist absurdist comic. So entertaining. Makes you examine the most mundane materials of life.”

— GLEsq

“Thank you so much for making such a great app and making my life more interesting and fun.”

— Scott Daly

“While it seems simple, the amount of entertainment this provides is simply incredible! Well worth the investment!”

— Josh Elliott

“Best piece of app-eratus ever. Thank you Mr Shatner.”

— Kate Deans

“Had a ball with this today. It’s genius.”

— Chris Fein

“This is the pinnacle of 21st century technology.”

— Mack1970

“This is the most genius idea for a mobile app I have ever seen.”

— mlcarter815

“I can’t put it down and my sides hurt from laughing so hard.”

— ruffwork

“Laughing hysterically. I LOVE THIS APP!!!”

— Jim Renschen

“This is the best couple bucks I had my buddy spend in a long time.”

— gregster

“This is the best thing that has ever happened. Literally the sum of all humanity has achieved. Think about it.”

— Flip the Pony